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Air Conditioning in Dallas, Texas is a right now kind of business. So, if you’re the type of person who values reliable, same–day air conditioning repair and same–day air conditioning system installation with no overtime charges, you’re going to love A#1 A.I.R. We provide fast, same day service and the "Fixed Right or It’s Free Guarantee" for all air conditioning and heating systems in Dallas, Texas and throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. 1605 Crescent Circle, Suite 200, Carrollton, TX 75006

A#1 Air sells, installs, services, and repairs Amana, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Honeywell, and all brands of heating and air conditioning units. You will love the fact that A#1 Air provides you with comfortable heat, efficient cooling, healthy air quality and a wide range of comfort products. You will experience excellence.

A#1 Air is a different kind of H.V.A.C. service provider who not only installs and repairs air conditioning and heating systems, but specializes in redesign and replacement of the ductwork as well as the air conditioner or furnace. We’re a company known for outstanding work on H.V.A.C. replacements, troubleshooting, worry–free repair and service agreements for residential and commercial H.V.A.C. installations.

A#1 Air has a long tradition of providing service excellence and exceeding customer expectations. From the most complex installation to routine preventative service and maintenance, we have the tools, the people, and the products to provide an air conditioning or heating system that fits your lifestyle, including financing options for almost any budget.

Discover what so many A#1 A.I.R. customers already know – A#1 Air delivers reliable, fast, same–day service, savings, and care.

Having the right air conditioning system in your home can greatly improve your quality of life. When you’re trying to pick one out, however, you’ll have a lot of variables to take into account. Since this isn’t something you do every day, the process can become a bit overwhelming.

That’s why you should come to the pros at A#1 Air for some expert advice on the system that best matches your Dallas area home and your budget. Our technicians have tons of experience installing all manner of air conditioning systems and they can help you sort through all of the options to find the one best suited to your needs.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems
The first thing you’ll have to consider as you set out to find your new air conditioning system is what type you need. Air conditioners actually fall into one of several different categories, and it’s important to understand the differences between them before you make a decision.

The size of your home and your expected usage will have a lot to do with which type of system is right for you. For instance, split systems are ideal for smaller homes or for cooling just a couple of rooms. Of course, they come in a variety of sizes as well, including mini–splits which are appropriate if you only have one room that isn’t being serviced by a larger system.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners
Split systems include an outdoor compressor and indoor units that are connected only by a refrigerant line rather than the ducts that other types of air conditioning systems require. This makes installation easier and less invasive over all, while still giving you the indoor comfort you need.

Packaged Air Conditioning Units
If you need to cool a somewhat larger space, though, you’ll probably want to go with a packaged air conditioning system. These also include an outdoor system linked up to individual vents placed in various rooms throughout the house. However, the indoor and outdoor units are linked by a series of ducts rather than just a refrigerant line.

Central Air Conditioning Systems
These types of systems are ideal for larger houses, particularly if the ductwork is already in place. However, if you have an even larger space to keep cool, you’ll probably have to go with a central air conditioning system.

These are similar to packaged systems, but they’re quite a bit more powerful. Central air conditioning systems are usually used to cool commercial spaces like malls and movie theatres, as well as larger structures like apartment buildings, office buildings and hospitals.

Complete Air Conditioning Service
When you choose A#1 for all of your air conditioning needs, you can be sure you’re getting the best in the business. We can install, repair and maintain all types of air conditioning systems. And we’ll be happy to carry out maintenance and repairs on any system, even if we didn’t install it ourselves.

Our technicians are fully trained and have extensive experience working with all manner of air conditioners in the Dallas, TX area. Their knowledge will also be invaluable to you as you try to determine what type of air conditioning system is right for you.

You’ll need to be able to evaluate your usage needs, as well as what type of system will be the easiest and least expensive to install in your home. And you’ll want to know that you’re not going to be spending more than you need to every month on your energy bills just to keep your house cool and comfortable.

So give us a call to let us know what we can do for you today. We know that it’s satisfied customers like you who’ve kept us in business for so long, and we’re always happy to meet more of our neighbors.

The heating system in your Dallas, TX area home is vital to your comfort and safety through the long, colder winter months. You need it to work right and you also need to be sure you have the right system for your home. Whether you need a completely new heating system installed or you just need someone to take over the annual maintenance on your existing system, A#1 Air has the skills and experience to make it happen.

Complete Heating System Service
Our technicians are fully trained to work on any type of heating system. They can install, repair, replace and maintain whatever type of system you have no matter how old it is or who put it in. They can also provide you with some valuable advice and insight into which type of system would be the best for your home.

It’s really never fun when something goes wrong with your furnace, especially because it usually happens right when you need that extra heat the most. When you call us for emergency repairs, we’ll have someone out to help you as quickly as possible. We know you need to keep your family safe and comfortable on those cold winter nights, so we’ll make sure you’re not without heat for any longer than absolutely necessary.

We also handle new home construction heating installation and replacements of existing systems both residentially and commercially. No project is too big or too small for our technicians, and we have a great deal of experience working as part of a construction team.

Types of Furnaces
We offer many different types of heating systems, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. It’s quite common for people to assume that the type of heating system you have in place is the only one that can work in your home. While this is sometimes true, it’s certainly not a universal fact.

So when you’re looking to purchase a new heating system, it’s helpful to know what your options really are. We install gas and electric furnaces, as well as forced air heating systems that provide heated air through a network of ducts and vents placed throughout your home.

While installing these ducts can be a substantial undertaking if you don’t already have them in place, it may well be worth the investment. On the other hand, if you already have a central air conditioning system, incorporating a forced air heating system into that is often quite manageable.

What is an A.F.U.E. Rating?
When you’re looking at different types of heating systems, you’ll notice that they all come with some type of A.F.U.E. rating. Typically, the furnaces you can buy today are 80% A.F.U.E. or 90+%. This rating has to do with the unit’s energy efficiency, and so with the 90+% A.F.U.E. furnaces, you’re getting a system that will turn almost all of the fuel it uses directly into heat for your home.

Of course, the more efficient furnaces are also the more expensive ones, so deciding which one is right for you may not be quite so straightforward. Essentially it comes down to how much you will be using your heating system. If you think it will be getting a workout during extremely cold winter months, you will probably offset the higher initial cost of the 90+% A.F.U.E. furnace with your monthly energy savings.

However, 80% A.F.U.E. furnaces are also pretty energy efficient, so if you live in an area that has more mild winters, it’s probably not worth it to spring for the super high efficiency heating system. The small amount you’d save every year with a 90+% A.F.U.E. furnace in that type of situation means that it would take you years and years to really offset the higher installation cost.

Our Commitment
Here at A#1 Air, we’re committed to helping our customers in the Dallas–Fort Worth area get the best heating system possible. We’ll have your best interests as our top priority throughout the selection and installation process. And our dedication doesn’t end there, either. You’ll be getting a long term partner to assist with your heating system needs. Just give us a call any time you have a question or concern and we’ll be ready to help you.


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