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Monday8:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Services Offered:

AC Unit Installation
AC Unit Repair
Boiler Installation
Boiler Repair
Central AC Installation
Central AC Repair
Duct Cleaning
Furnace Installation
Furnace Repair
Heat Installation
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Repair
Heater Repair
HVAC Cleaning
HVAC Contractors
HVAC Maintenance
Refrigeration System Installation
Refrigeration System Repair
Residential HVAC Service
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair


When the weather starts heating up, being without your air conditioning is less than ideal. That’s why ProServ has been helping homeowners and businesses in the greater Phoenix area repair, maintain or replace their air conditioning systems for more than 20 years.

Our trained and licensed HVAC technicians will accommodate your schedule and respect your home. We offer free estimates with no obligation.

Air Conditioning Repair: ProServ air conditioning repair experts can diagnose and repair any brand of air conditioner correctly, the first time. Our technicians are experts at troubleshooting and will quickly determine the best solution for your home, comfort and budget.
Air Conditioning Installation: Updating your system with a new energy-efficient air conditioning system will provide you and your family with years of comfort and money savings. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to ensure everything is installed safely and correctly.

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Our maintenance plans extend the life of your air conditioning system and help it run more efficiently and economically. Unforeseen air conditioning problems are often associated with system neglect. Manufacturer’s warranties typically do not cover these problems. Preventative maintenance saves you time, money and crisis situations.

ProServ Las Vegas services and installs:

U.V. Air Cleaning
Electronic Air
Roof-Top Units
Package Units
Split Systems
ProServ Guarantees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Family Safety Guarantee
Property Protection Guarantee
One Year Labor Guarantee
Done Right The First Time Guarantee
Maid-Like Clean Up Guarantee


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Gilberto Zazueta says:
I contact my home warranty service (TotalProtect) and send them to do a water heater exchange when they came and made the estimate they said that there was going to be a $50.00 charge to take the old water heater I told Mauricio do not take it I will take care. next day when he came and do the exchange he load the water heater to hes car and toke it after been advise from his company, the warranty company not to take it. He did not care and left with out finishing the work and getting pay. on the process of waiting I check the all water heather before we started the work and find the manufacture info and day of manufacturing, I call them and find out that the old water heather was under warranty and they ask me to take the bad unit to the place I purchase it to get a refund for at less of $400.00. I been calling both companies ProServ never answer and TotalProtect is not getting answer from them neither so they can not do anything just put a complaint. watch out ProServ is sending thieves to our homes.

Ayres says:
Addendum to the Air Conditioning fiasco that has taken place at our home……. On Wednesday, July 5th Total Protect contacted us and told us that the replacement part was available for ProServ to pick up and install and that an email had been sent to them. We sent a text to Mario at ProServ at 7:29am asking when he would pick up the replacement part and install it. By late morning we had not heard anything from ProServ. After several attempts, using our cell phones, to contact ProServ’s main office, we called them from a landline and the receptionist immediately answered the phone. We asked what the status of the repair was and the receptionist stated that we were not on the books and they had not received an email from Total Protect. When we asked her why she finally picked up the phone when we called from the landline instead of when we called from our cell phones, she hung up on us! At 11:43 we talked to Mario and he would not give us a time when he would pick up the replacement part or put us on the schedule. His attitude about the situation was that it was not a priority to get our Unit fixed as soon as possible. At 5:42pm, we call Total Protect telling them that we cannot get a set date and time from ProServ to complete the job and that we need this expedited. Total Protect stated they will call ProServ to get us on the books as soon as possible. At 5:56 pm, we texted Mario at ProServ again asking if the part had been picked up and would he please advise us when he will be back to repair the unit. At some point, we were told that Mario would be at our home on Thursday, July 6th, after 5:00pm. At 6:15 pm, Mario arrived with the replacement part and goes up to the roof to begin working. By 7:27 pm, Mario discovers that the replacement part will not work with our unit because it is too old. As you can see from the picture, the replacement part did not fit our unit!! At 8:12 pm, the owner of ProServ (Patrick McClain), told us that he would cancel all of Mario’s jobs for Friday (July 7th) and have Mario buy the correct part and install it immediately, bypassing Total Protect so the job would be completed. At 8:30 am on Friday July 7th, we received a conference call from Mario and Patrick stating that the replacement part for our unit is not available except from the manufacturer because the unit is so old. To get the part from the manufacturer would take 14 days and if we wanted to expedite it (5-7 days) would be an additional $180.00. Patrick and Mario asked if we would stay on the phone while they conferenced in Total Protect. Patrick and Mario told Total Protect the issue with the replacement part and suggested that Total Protect replace the whole AC unit, which was their original suggestion two weeks prior. Total Protect agrees that an AC Unit replacement is necessary. We are asked to drop off the conference call while Total Protect and ProServ discuss the details of replacing the unit. Total Protect calls us back and tells us that we can expect a call by close of business letting us know when the installation will be scheduled. They also tell us that we have to pay additional fees. We give authorization for them to proceed. At 12:24pm, we text Mario to let him know that we gave Total Protect the authorization to go ahead. At 4:30pm, we called Total Protect because we had not heard from ProServ regarding when they will install the new unit. Total Protect tell us that the new unit is ready to be picked up and they put us on hold to call ProServ. Total Protect calls both the main office and Mario’s cell phone but are unable to reach anyone or leave a voicemail because the cell phone’s voicemail is full. We go through the weekend without any idea of when the Unit will be installed. At 9:30am, Monday July 10th, we get a call from Mario stating that he is on our roof installing the new AC unit. We had no idea he was even going to be there! Mario says he is leaving and will be back in a couple of hours and could we be at the house so he could continue with the install. Mario and another technician return and get the AC Unit up and running. Mario then says he has to leave again and will return after 5pm to finish the job. He then calls after 7pm and says he will not be returning but will be back on Tuesday, July 11, to finish the job. Mario completed the job at 2pm on Tuesday, July 11th. Bottom line, this is a summary of our experience: • We spent 15 nights out of our home and returned on the 16th day. • The temperatures during this time were between 110-116 degrees. • Mr. Ayres had to spend many hours away from work to be available to meet ProServ at our home. • No consideration was given for the excessive time to complete the job, money spent for accommodations, or loss of wages from time off work. • We experienced a complete lack of: professional courtesy, customer service, work ethic and integrity.

Ayres says:
On Sunday, June 25, 2017 we awoke early(2am) and realized we had lost our AC in the night. We called our home warranty company, Total Protect, and were assigned the claim #94603909. Total Protect didn't get anyone out to our place to look at the AC unit until Tuesday, June 27th. The company Total Protect sent was ProServ Heating & Cooling (480-626-1856). ProServ called Total Protect home warranty and advised us of what was wrong with our AC Unit. Total Protect decided to order a part to repair it instead of replacing the whole unit, which was recommended by ProServ. The part arrived on Thursday, June 29th and Total Protect contacted ProServ to notify them to pick up the part at the Goodman's Distribution center in Mesa, AZ. When we called ProServ to find out when they would come back to repair the AC unit, we were told by the receptionist at ProSeve that it would not be repaired until Monday, July 3rd. We then called Total Protect back and told them that ProServ would not get to the job before Monday, July 3rd, and asked Total Protect to reassign the job to a different AC company as this was too long to wait since the part was available. Total Protect told us that ProServ had informed them that the equipment had already been picked up and that their AC Tech (Mario) would be at our home that night, Thursday June 29th. We were surprised to hear this so we kept Total Protect on one line and called ProServ on the other line to conference the call. We told the receptionist at ProServ that we had Total Protect on the line and were confirming what the receptionist had told Total Protect about the equipment being picked up and that (Mario) would be at our home to install it that night. The receptionist at ProServ denied telling Total Protect that the equipment was picked up and that (Mario) would be there that night. At this point, we contacted the owner (Patrick McClaren) of ProServ and to tell him that we were getting conflicting information and waiting 4-days was too long. The owner called back and apologized for not knowing of the delays and stating that he would send his Tech (Mario) to be at our home on Saturday, July 1st @ 5am. Unfortunately, on Friday June 30th, Mario went to pick up the equipment @ 4:25pm and he found out that Total Protect sent the equipment to the Goodman's Distribution center in Tempe, AZ instead of the one in Mesa, AZ! Mario didn't have time to get to Tempe, and the Tempe distribution center isn't open on Saturdays. So, we were told that nobody could help us until Monday, July 3rd. On Sunday, July 2nd @ 7:00pm, we received a phone call from Mario informing us that he would be at our home on Monday, July 3rd between 12 & 5pm, and he would call an hour before. At this point, we have been in a hotel since 6/25 with no offer of reimbursement or concern from Total Protect for the situation we are in. We checked out of the hotel on Monday, July 3rd, waiting for Mario to arrive. Mind you, it is 98 degrees in our home. Mario calls at 6:11pm and arrives at our home at 6:40pm. Within 20 minutes of arriving at our home, he opens the box of equipment and finds out that the replacement part is defective!!! Mario calls Total Protect and tells them about the equipment. Total Protect says they will have to order a new part but unfortunately the Purchasing Department is closed and won’t be reopened until after the July 4th Holiday. We called Total Protect and were informed as well that the Purchasing Department is closed and the replacement part cannot be ordered until Wednesday, July 5th. We called Total Protect again this morning, July 4th, asking if they’ve ordered the replacement part yet and were informed that it has been ordered (even though the Purchasing Dept. is supposedly closed today) and that Total Protect will again inform ProServ when the part is available. We have consistently and repeatedly called Total Protect asking if they could get this job re-assigned to another AC company, but we have been met with every roadblock imaginable. Total Protect Home Warranty company and the AC company, ProServ, do not seem to have a sense of urgency to help us in the temperatures that we are having in the metro Phoenix, AZ area. This is the worst case of customer service that we have ever experienced!

Alexis Sagarnaga says:
Very terrible business. Used them through our home warranty. They came out to service our a/c said it was fixed but our a/c went out 1 hour after they left. Then the guy named Luis says he can do side work on our a/c under the table. After we reported it to our home warranty proserv is claiming we didn't pay the initial $65 fee. How convenient for them smh. Terrible people and even worse business stay away from them!

Willamson says:
This horrible company scheduled me in for a day and never showed up claimed to reschedule me for the next day ave again never showed. Very unprofessional I placed a call to see if they were coming out and was told the technician is wrapping up a job and will be there in an hour. Of course no show and by the way the woman answered the phone you wouldn't know if it was a business you've called. Never would use this company again

david hall says:
you can not get this co. to respond they give you a date . and don't deliver